Hello friends! I'm Jenna :) I'm 18 and live in the U.S. So basically, my entire life revolves around Bones. I want to be a Deschanel because Emily is perfection and B&B and Demily is my OTP of OTPs. I also watch Once Upon A Time (CAPTAIN HOOK!!), Castle, Parks and Rec, Nashville, New Girl, and The Fosters and I absolutely love them SO MUCH. I will probably also reblog hilariously stupid things and post about my life, so don't say I didn't warn you ;) and since you clicked on my blog I LOVE YOU AND WE CAN BE FRIENDS please message me to talk or just say hi anytime i can be pretty awesome.


do you ever just watch Bones and then sit back and think “damn, I chose a good show” and then smile like an idiot when you think about how much you love it because I do that quite often

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"So how did you feel about the season finale?"
"We had a good time!"

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400 followers?!?!? You guys are the bomb dot com

"Describe each other in three adjectives.” - SDCC Bones Panel 2014 (x)

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I’m in Ireland!!


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me: *cries over tv show*
me: *loses sleep over tv show*
me: *requires emotional help because of tv show*
me: but it's so good

make me choose: emilydeschanels asked b&b or caskett

You and I, we’re bound to one another. So much that I don’t feel that I could survive without you. You nurture me, you protect me, you are my home. If I were to damage that by a meaningless dalliance, it would be like killing myself, something that I would never do. I would never let anything compromise the life we share, Booth. I love you.

I love you too.

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Emily Deschanel ~ Comic Con 2014 ! (x)

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"I just love having these strong, female intelligent people working in science,” Deschanel says of her being drawn to her strong character."

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