Hello friends! I'm Jenna :) I'm 18 and live in the U.S. So basically, my obsession with Bones is probably unhealthy but I DONT CARE I LOVE IT. I want to be a Deschanel because Emily is perfection and B&B and Demily is my OTP of OTPs. I also obsessively watch Once Upon A Time (CAPTAIN HOOK!!), Castle, Parks and Rec, Nashville, New Girl, Sherlock, and The Fosters and I absolutely love them SO MUCH. I guarantee they will show up on my blog at some point. I will probably also reblog hilariously stupid things and post about my life, so don't say I didn't warn you ;) and since you clicked on my blog I LOVE YOU AND WE CAN BE FRIENDS please message me to talk or just say hi anytime i can be pretty awesome.


a guy on the train just finished his book and started a new one immediately i think that is the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen

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Soooo why is there no new ep this week and why did I just find this out :”’(


(October 21st 2013)

 Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Booth and Brennan!

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isn’t it cool how some phobias are unquestioned and considered “normal”, like fear of heights or spiders, but mention that you have social anxiety or a fear of driving and people immediately jump to “why? what’s so scary about that? that makes no sense??????” and by it’s cool i mean it’s really fucked up because all phobias are irrational it doesn’t need an explaination that’s what makes it a pHOBIA

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Booth once told me that you can only love one person the most. I feel that applies to friendship as well.

You are that person to me.

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Rewatching this show was a really smart decision.

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The 200th episode is going to be EPIC

Me: idk, I just find romance novels kinda boring.
Me: *reads a dozen fics about my OTP falling in love in one day*

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"Oh, me? I’m not 80% water. I’m 80% coffee, and a little bit of sass."
Zooey Deschanel 
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So basically Regina and Rumple never learn anything but Killian is the one paying for everything?

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